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    • WORLD’S FAIR 1- LONDON 1851


      WORLD’S FAIR 1

      1851 – LONDON

      Vibrant and geometric, this abstract representation of the London World's Fair by 1851 uses vibrant colors to capture the energy and innovation of the historic event.

      Bold geometric shapes evoke the remarkable architecture of the exhibition, while the vibrant colors reflect the passion and creativity of the participants.

      The work is a contemporary tribute to the revolutionary event that changed the face of the industry, technology and the arts.

      It is a reminder of the importance of innovation and imagination in the progress of humanity..

    • WORLD’S FAIR 10- PARIS 1889


      WORLD’S FAIR 10

      PARIS 1889


      An abstract work of art representing the Universal Exhibition of 1889 in Paris is an explosion of bright colors, geometric shapes, dynamic lines and curves.

      This abstract representation captures the creative and innovative spirit of the event while showcasing the artist's unique artistic style.

      The composition is flexible and can be presented as a single piece or in a series of canvases, making it ideal for home decor projects or for anyone who wants to add a touch of creativity to their surroundings.

      This abstract work is a celebration of the artistic ingenuity and beauty of the Universal Exhibition of 1889 in Paris.

    • WORLD’S FAIR 11- CHICAGO 1893


      WORLD’S FAIR 11

      CHICAGO 1893


      An abstract representation of the Universal Exhibition of 1893 in Paris captures the essence of the event through bold geometric shapes and vibrant colors.

      This innovative and conceptual work of art showcases artistic creativity while emphasizing the artist's mastery of abstract art.

      The dynamic composition conveys the excitement and energy of the fair while reflecting the artist's distinctive style.

      This striking piece of art is a unique addition to any collection and is ideal for adding a splash of color and creativity to any interior space.



      WORLD’S FAIR 12

      BRUXELLES 1897


      This abstract work represents in a colorful and dynamic way the Universal Exhibition of Brussels in 1897.

      geometric shapes, curves and lines create an original and captivating composition.

      The use of vibrant colors reinforces the feeling of excitement and energy that characterized the event.

      The artist succeeded in highlighting his personal artistic style while transcribing the spirit of the fair.

      This balanced work will bring a touch of modernity and sophistication to any space..

    • WORLD’S FAIR 13- PARIS 1900


      WORLD’S FAIR 13

      PARIS 1900


      The abstract representation of the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1900 captures the essence of the event through geometric shapes, bright lines and colors.

      The innovative use of the composition allows it to be presented as a single work of art or individually.

      The piece highlights the artist's creativity and his mastery of abstract art.

      Bold colors and dynamic shapes symbolize the excitement of the fair which introduced the world famous Eiffel Tower.

      This artwork is an ideal choice to add a unique touch to any home or office interior.



      WORLD’S FAIR 14

      SAINT LOUIS 1904


      An abstract work capturing the essence of the Saint-Louis Universal Exhibition in 1904 is a vibrant representation of bold geometric shapes, bright colors and dynamic patterns.

      The innovative and conceptual composition reflects the artistic mood of the time and showcases the artist's mastery of abstract art.

      Striking shapes and colors evoke the excitement and energy of the event, while exhibiting the artist's distinctive artistic style.

      The artwork is a visually striking addition to any interior space and is a vibrant tribute to this historic World's Fair..

    • WORLD’S FAIR 15- LIEGE 1905


      WORLD’S FAIR 15

      LIEGE 1905


      The Brussels Universal Exhibition in 1910 is represented in an abstract way through a dynamic composition of geometric shapes and bright colors.

      This work reflects the innovative and futuristic atmosphere of the exhibition, which presented many technological and artistic advances.

      The colors chosen evoke the modernity of the time, with shades of red, of blue, white and orange that recall the flags of the participating nations.

      The composition plays with rectangular shapes and curves, creating an effect of movement and visual harmony.

      The work captures the spirit of an age of progress and discovery, who marked the history of mankind.

    • WORLD’S FAIR 16- MILAN 1906


      WORLD’S FAIR 16

      MILAN 1906

      The Milan Universal Exhibition in 1906 was a landmark event that attracted visitors from all over the world to admire the marvels of engineering and art.

      The main pavilion, designed by architect Luca Beltrami, was an impressive structure with a large glass dome that allowed natural light to stream into the interior of the exhibition.

      This abstract representation is characterized by the use of geometric lines and bright colors.

      The composition is dynamic and captivating, with shapes that intertwine and overlap to create a complex and fascinating image.

      The bold colors used in the artwork symbolize the innovation and modernity that marked the historic event.

      Straight lines and curves intersect to create visual harmony, reflecting the international unity and cooperation that was celebrated at the Universal Exhibition in Milan in 1906.



      WORLD’S FAIR 17

      BRUXELLES 1910


      An abstract representation of the Brussels Universal Exhibition of 1910 focused on the scientific and technological advances of the time.

      Geometric lines and bold colors come together to represent innovation, the modernity and complexity of the technology on display.

      Shapes inspired by Art Nouveau architecture, emblematic movement of the time, are also present in the work.

      This abstract representation pays tribute to the exceptional achievements of the Exhibition while reflecting the cultural and artistic evolution of the time..

    • WORLD’S FAIR 18- THINKING 1913


      WORLD’S FAIR 18

      THINKING 1913


      This abstract work representing the Universal Exhibition of Ghent in 1913 is characterized by dynamic geometric lines and bright colors that evoke the effervescence of the event.

      The abstract forms represent the pavilions and architectural structures of the exhibition, thus creating a unique representation of the event.

      The composition is both contemporary and innovative, reflecting the artistic advances of the time.

      This work of art is a celebration of the World Expo in Ghent, perfectly capturing the spirit of the event through its use of lines and colors.



      WORLD’S FAIR 19

      SAN FRANCISCO 1915


      This canvas is an abstract representation of the San Francisco World's Fair in 1915 that captures the essence of the event through geometric lines, curves and bright colors.

      The composition is innovative and conceptual, testifying to the artistic creativity of its author.

      Bold colors and dynamic shapes symbolize the excitement and energy of the exhibition.

      The visually striking artwork fits perfectly into any interior design project.

      The exhibition of San Francisco de 1915 has been a platform for technological innovations, new artistic trends and cultural advances.

    • WORLD’S FAIR 2- PARIS 1855


      WORLD’S FAIR 2

      PARIS 1855

      This painting is an abstract representation of the Universal Exhibition of 1851 in Paris which bursts with bright colors and evokes the innovative and futuristic spirit of the event.

      The stylized geometric shapes represent the bold architectural structures of the exhibition.

      Intense colors bring energy and vitality to the image, evoking the excitement and optimism of the times.

      This work is a tribute to the heritage of the Universal Exhibition of 1851 and its lasting impact on innovation, technology and design.



      WORLD’S FAIR 20

      BARCELONA 1929


      An abstract work of art depicting the Barcelona World Expo in 1929 which consists of geometric shapes, lines, curves and bright colors to evoke the essence of the event.

      Straight lines symbolize modernity, while the curves represent elegance and fluidity.

      The intense colors evoke the festive atmosphere of the exhibition. This abstract representation is innovative and creative, reflecting the artistic trend of the time.

      It testifies to the mastery of the artist in abstraction and composition..

      This artwork can adapt to various interior spaces thanks to its customizable style.

    • WORLD’S FAIR 3- LONDON 1862


      WORLD’S FAIR 3

      LONDON 1862

      Immerse yourself in the vibrant and colorful universe of the Universal Exhibition of 1862 through this abstract representation.

      Stylized geometric shapes evoke the architecture and technology of the time, while the bright colors bring a touch of modernity.

      Red evokes the power of British industry, while blue symbolizes innovation and science.

      The yellow recalls the richness of the colonies and the green, nature and agriculture.

      This image is a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of the Victorian era, and an invitation to explore the history and culture of this fascinating era.

    • WORLD’S FAIR 4- PARIS 1867


      WORLD’S FAIR 4

      PARIS 1867


      An abstract representation of the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1867 uses geometric shapes and bold colors to capture the essence of this historic event.

      The shapes recall the architecture and decoration of the time, while the colors evoke the enthusiasm and innovation that marked the Expo.

      The red evokes the pavilion of French industry and the blue represents the Seine, which served as a transportation route for visitors.

      This abstract representation is a tribute to the Universal Exhibition of 1867 and the richness of its history.

    • WORLD’S FAIR 5- VIENNA 1873


      WORLD’S FAIR 5

      VIENNA 1873

      This abstract representation of the Vienna World's Fair in 1873 is an explosion of bright colors and geometric shapes.

      Circles, triangles and squares intertwine to form a whirlwind of movement and dynamism.

      Warm shades of orange, of yellow and red recall the decorative arts and tapestries exhibited at the event.

      This artwork is a celebration of the innovation and creativity that was showcased at the Vienna World Expo in 1873.

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