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“I am passionate about contemporary art and painting, and I believe in the beneficial effect of colors on our lives”

My name is RROSS. I was born in France from a German mother and a French father of Italian origins. I have spent a big part of my life in Paris.

I was 20 years old when I got interested in art, and more specifically in contemporary art. The Art Deco and its artistic movements such as Bolidism were my very first choices. Thereafter, I turned to graphic art such as Pop Art which processes colors with intensity and without any concession.

I started to paint in 1991. My goal was to color my environment and my spirit. It is today scientifically proven; colors have real benefits on our minds. We currently live in difficult, sometimes very dark, times. Adding a few touches and splashes of color to withstand this darkness can only be beneficial.

In April 1998, I exhibited my artworks in the Parisian gallery A Part. A few months later, two of my paintings were exhibited in Japan, at the Yokohama ARTEC’98.

​In 2014, I left France to start a new life in Dubai. The positive vibes of this colorful and ultra-modern city gave me new inspirations and brought me to digital painting.

I invite you to discover my friend's universe here

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