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As many of talented artists who resist to an artistic sphere where workings seem still surrounded by unexplained mysteries. Spoiled by the life, moving to Lisbon marks a new trend in Alain Added’s work, a cry of love launched in the eyes of a world whose complexity and diversity fill the artist’s imagination.

Endowed with a strong personality, a natural generosity, he feels a constant need to communicate and use artistic creation one’s only weapon. Alain Added likes to play with transparency, flat tint, and thickness. Caressing retinalanamorphosis,he gives delayed readings.

Which vision takes over the other?

The bodies curve’symbolism follows daydreaming and metaphysical narrative.

The male silhouette leaning on the shapes it’s anatomy and the women with maternal bodies pointing proudly their breasts. Sculptures or paintings:

Alain Added’s work is very coherent in its exuberant diversity and proves how much he is an accomplished artist.

I invite you to discover my friend's universe here

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